Access Control

Cover all multipoint access points from a single server based software solution

Meal Booking

A cashless verification system which can be audited later for totals to the individual and/or how much food is required for preparation.


AI algorithms control an enormity of features and they are improving every year


Power continuity to suit every requirement

Infra Red Capabilities

Catering for large scale invisible wavelength detection

IT Support

Support at your fingertips

Powamaxx started its humble beginnings in 2006, where it opened its doors on an emerging CCTV market. The company soon wrote its own software against the different software brands in the market which depended very much on specific video cards to operate. It was a leader in its own when way back then, the late director, Roy Esterhuizen brought out one of the first locally produced programs to recognise and record license plates, which was used at the Soldiers Way Taxi Rank in Durban to combat pirate taxi use at the time. From the outset, it was clear that the company wouldn’t be just another typical CCTV installation provider, which has become increasingly common these days.

The company continued to grow beyond its small capacity installations to larger corporate endeavours. With the passing of Roy in 2017, the company shifted gear with Mitch Chalom and Penelope Bam at the helm. With the principal developer of the Powamaxx software gone, it was no longer feasible to support and develop any further. Additionally, with the industry firmly developed by the likes of Hikvision and others, the set benchmark had been established and it was far easier to adopt the current hardware and apps to support. However, knowing that a niche market was needed for sustainability, the company started investing interest into the newly developed field of artificial intelligence for security purposes.

Powamaxx started a projects division dealing with high end solutions. Powamaxx Special Projects brought in the first rotating 360 degree infra-red radar, that, combined with AI could detect human activity 8 kilometres away, and vehicles up to 16 kilometres. This state-of-the-art surveillance project could identify animal from human and could predict the path of movement, which made it ideal for anti-poaching initiatives.

Simultaneously, the SANDF were looking to commercialise their kitchens and hospitality units, which led Powamaxx to develop the Meal Booking system specifically for the SANDF. The resultant solution, which was a platform of 3 technologies, namely camera surveillance, access control and meal booking software, was first implemented at ASB KZN and has presently expanded to 8 different bases throughout South Africa. The software has cut back expenditure by 30% and more where used correctly…. This equates to millions of rands every year.

Our Clients


I have had the pleasure of having the owners of Powamaxx, Mitch and penny partake in our 10month Mini- MBA, a group coaching programme for Business Owners. I was extremely impressed with the way both Mitch and Penny applied themselves to this course. They were excellent at implementation and made a number of significant improvements to their business as a result of their learnings. Their commitment to their business, customers and team members was evident in their attitude and approach to business and they ended up winning the ActionMAN Award for all round excellence at our graduation dinner.

Darryn Le Grange
Action COACH Ignite Owner

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Powamaxx, they have been an integral Part of our business for over 8 years as they have installed and maintained our CCTV system.

Mitch and his team are knowledgeable, conscientious and always willing to go the extra mile in their attempt to deliver quality service. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending their services because they always deliver on their promises.

Radlin Abbott


  1. KZN Reserve Signal unit is hereby conveying a sincere and heartfelt appreciation for excellent services rendered to this unit by the fitting of the heavy duty strong room door.
  2. Powamaxx gave us quotes without delay when we requested and was willing to keep to the price range that was requested. Furthermore, Powamaxx CCTV was willing to go outside of the scope of their duty and patch up where the door was inserted. Communication between this unit and Powamaxx was excellent throughout the scope of work.
  3. This unit will gladly recommend Powamaxx CCTV to other units or institutions as this unit was very satisfied with the work performed.

Cold Harvest Bayhead (Pty) Ltd has been using Powamaxx for the past 15 years  when the first system was installed. In addition the system which entails 23 cameras, there is a full maintenance contract. This includes monthly servicing of all the cameras and recorders and replacement of any faulty equipment.

I the period that Powamaxx has been contracted to Cold Harvest Bayhead (Pty) LTD, the service and advice provided has been exceptionally good.

Aslam Peer
Cold Harvest Bayhead (Pty) Ltd

We have recently had the pleasure of having Powamaxx CCTV repair and install cameras at our B&B on the Bluff. In this day and age when it is very difficult to find reliable contractors in most fields of expertise we have had the pleasure of working with Powamaxx.

Our job was completed in a thoroughly efficient and courteous manner. The team of technicians were really professional and a credit to your company. They were pleasant to interact with and their workmanship was top notch, cleaning up after the completion of the job is a reflection of respect to the client which was really appreciated. We have no hesitation in recommending them to others in our industry and will definitely add them to our list of preferred suppliers

Kellman &Jacqueline Bengtson
Hamelin Guest House
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