Access control

The server based software solution covers all our multipoint access points. All devices are controlled from a central point to prohibit or limit entry. The authentication devices used are either simple fingerprint readers (if that is what the client requests), or combo readers which include a range of fingerprint readers, facial recognition, card and PIN. The specific readers can vary depending on how many templates are to be used e.g. company of 50 compared to a company of 500 workers. These devices control electronically locked doors, which include maglocks, as well as crowd control limiting devices such as turnstiles. We supply the components as a one stop supplier, so no need to go shopping for other compatible devices. The software used also allows the meal booking software to seamlessly piggy back off the access control component.

Meal booking software

First off… why meal booking and for what purpose? Cashless canteens can support either a buffet type grab as you go system, or a set member by member booking for individuals. Our software supports both instances as its based primarily off a cashless verification system which can be audited later for totals to the individual and/or how much food is required for preparation. The main purpose for the meal booking system is the ability to plan ahead and reduce wastage or shortfalls, and also to limit the transfer of moneys to prevent opportunistic theft, as everyone is electronically recorded for their meal and their delivery thereof. In other words, no booking, no meal. Access can be controlled either through a turnstile (such as the Army mess or staff canteen), or a more user friendly unit where the authentication of the persons finger or face is the only requirement for picking up a meal. A printer can be connected to print out a sticker as proof of the persons authentication.

CCTV and artificial intelligence

Gone are the days that CCTV is used for monitoring systems to combat theft and crime. Nowadays, cameras can be used to manage personnel, track persons, legitimise any traffic depending on the time of day, focus on items suddenly missing from its rightful place and a lot more. AI algorithms control an enormity of features and they are improving every year. The older features for motion sensing are still available, but the advent of artificial intelligence has drastically reduced the number of false alarms, giving the user the confidence of knowing the chances the alarm is most likely a legitimate one. Additionally, with facial recognition, cameras can determine human from animal… again, not sending an alarm out for a dog or cat that may stray into the area of interest. One can even set a line crossing event, where any traffic from a certain direction would trigger an alarm, but approaching the line from the opposite direction would not. AI cameras are fast replacing the traditional domestic alarm system as the reliability of true alarms is far greater.


Loadshedding takes a toll on equipment, either damaging it with surge damage on continuance of power, or rendering equipment useless with the lack thereof. As a factual way of life in South Africa, all installations are supported with inverters that will support the installed equipment sufficient capacity for these sessions. Our higher range inverters also support solar ready options that can be added if the Eskom feed is pushed further to its limits, guaranteeing you power in the daytime, and reserving the battery power for any night time incidents. In outlying areas, we can install solar units to make the installation totally solar dependent, with battery use lasting days without recharge

Infra red capabilities

Yes, the standard camera has infra red capabilities, but our higher end market has so much more. Powamaxx Special Projects was formed for this very purpose to cater for large scale invisible wavelength detection. This high end infra red radar camera spins to cover a 360 degree area.  With its AI capability, it can determine human from animal up to 8 kilometres away and vehicles up to 16 kilometres. It can also predict the path of movement so anything suspicious can be intercepted ahead of its path. These  large systems can be placed as a singular unit, or as stations along a perimeter or national border.  Although it does carry a hefty price tag, it would still be cheaper to line a national border with these units at intervals, rather than try fence off an entire length, which can be bypassed by going under or over with the right equipment or determination. One can also have smaller manpower demands based on the fact that the border hoppers can be intercepted at predicted points ahead of their route, resulting in a proactive approach to illegal immigrants, not a reactive one when they have already blended within the South African community. These high end units come in smaller, mobile units which can be mounted on vehicles or trailers for those hotspots that emerge and are just as good for stock (cattle, sheep etc) and game farm control. Being infra red, they can detect bodies in the bush where human eyes cannot, which make them very useful against poaching.

It Support

As our equipment is very software dependent, we have our own IT Support crew. This expertise is available to the public as well, whether it be for cable installations, desktop support, network administration and the like.  We also specialise on point to point network installations, enabling entities to communicate with each other over kilometres apart.

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